When Someone Asks Us Questions About Fraud At Work, What Should We Do?

June 11, 2024    Corporate Lawyers Perth WA
When Someone Asks Us Questions About Fraud At Work, What Should We Do?

Fraud in the workplace is an unfortunate but possible occurrence. It can take many forms, and usually, the perpetrator exploits a breach in the system overlooked by the management or the reviewing committee.

The wrongdoers often manipulate data and offer false reporting to hide that activity. Depending upon the time it gets caught, fraud can take place over a considerably long period, starting with a small amount in irregular intervals that increase over time.

Companies should implement different policies and procedures to safeguard against employee fraud. However, the legal structure allows both the suspected employee and employer to present their case in an Australian Court of Law.

So, it is worthwhile to hire the best corporate lawyers in Perth to have the highest chance of getting justice. However, before someone asks questions about fraud at work, here are some aspects to know about.

What is Fraud? What are its apparent indications?

Internal fraud, otherwise known as employee fraud, is the theft or fraud perpetrated by an employee or organisation they work for. It usually gets restricted to the form of stolen money or goods, but in recent situations, it can also be data.

Some ways employees can commit fraud are mentioned below:

  • Keeping fictitious suppliers on the payroll.
  • Producing inflated supplier or sham invoices.
  • Creating inventory theft.
  • Committing payments without informing or putting in the correct data.
  • Paying money fraudulently to accounts and individuals
  • Paying more than the agreed amount and entitlements.

The most proficient and best corporate law solicitors recommend implementing appropriate procedures and policies into the business processes, as well as building checks into the system with compliance monitoring.

Informing the accused

The possibility that an employee is committing fraud can give rise to several emotions. As it’s common to find a trusted or senior employee behind it, disappointment, shock, and anger are common emotions.

Even a suspicion of fraud against either the business itself or the customers can raise anger in some cases. However, a seasoned fraudster can take advantage of these high emotions, so it’s always best to involve fraud investigations lawyers in Perth from the start.

Fraud investigation lawyers in Perth WA will devise a methodical and timed plan to ensure that the procedure is sound. The quality of any document or proof you collect affects the cases’ admissibility and weight significantly in any future court proceedings.

Therefore, hiring the most renowned Fraud investigation lawyers in Perth WA will ensure that procedural fairness is maintained during the investigation.

Preparing with caution and purpose

The involvement of the most experienced business fraud lawyers in Perth will divide it into a fundamental timeline of actions. The most important job would be to collect information linked to the fraud allegation, and the lawyers will take enough care to find out the source.

The prelim stage should involve as few people as possible to maintain confidentiality and integrity. Anything that can implicate the accused in the fraudulent activity (documents, interview notes, relevant screenshots, and other physical evidence) needs to be collected and saved properly.

Any further interview with the accused should be based on concrete facts – not because the boss wants to vent their anger.

What should be your action upon interview related to fraud?

A fraud allegation is taxing on the mind – and it may even discourage to remain present. However, absence after accusation often becomes the basis of owning up silently, and if you are innocent – there’s no reason why you should start gossiping in your office.

It is expected that the employer will try to break you passively and may even give you indirect offers about stimuli, packages, promotions, etc., to cover their involvement. It is best to stand with the truth and with proof – because, ultimately, the HR or any other in-office investigative authority works for the owners.

If you aren’t involved directly with the fraud accusation but are a colleague of the accused, you may also be interviewed. Stick with the facts in these cases, and keep proof of your ignorance or absence of participation handy.

The most knowledgeable and best corporate law solicitors state that leading questions like ‘What do you think?’ or ‘Who do you think?’ should be avoided unless sure – because a vindictive accused in a higher post can end your career.

Signing off

According to verified sources, at least 80% of business leaders have come across fraud by an employee during their career. Experts also believe that it will increase if companies start to adopt the “remote working” aspect more – as it creates fewer opportunities for managers and colleagues to spot behaviour and practice changes within themselves.

Therefore, in case of fraud accusations, it is worthwhile to hire the most demanded corporate lawyers in Perth.

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