Know more About Liquidation

Liquidation is the procedure under which the company is wind up with the company’s assets and properties. This process occurred where a company is completely insolvent or when the company’s members are looking for bringing the company to an end. There is need of appropriate investigations and distributions to dismantle the company by the help of the third party. A third party member will also protect the interests of the company’s creditors, directors and members for the betterment and for this our lawyers can support you better.

Types of Liquidation needed to wind up the company:

In winding up the company, there are basically two types of Liquidations:

Voluntary Liquidation

This type of liquidation is helpful in winding up the voluntary administration provisions. In the meeting of the company members, the liquidator will be chosen even some of the creditors also arrange a meeting to change the chosen member as a liquidator.

Court Liquidation

Under court liquidation, an applicant has to provide a company with an insolvent and the liquidator is appointed by the court. The court winds the specific company with the number of reasons that also includes disputes between the directors and shareholders.

Both the liquidations are best handled by the Corporate Lawyers Perth with a cost-effective solution.

Services We Offer

Our liquidation experts provide you a straight-forward and inexpensive process which is helpful in bringing the affairs of the company at the right position. In order to deliver our services, we require an entity which is away from debts and is not subjected to any pending litigation. Our service includes:
Our lawyers offer following liquidation services which include:

  • We give proper advice on questions of complex insolvency law.
  • We also get you prepare you proper liquidation plan.
  • We give you provision of a liquidator for a simple voluntary liquidation.
  • We give brief advice on voluntary liquidation versus.
  • We get you prepare of appropriate documentation for a company.

If you want these all service at the most optimal price, then Corporate Lawyers Perth will give you a right concussion.

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