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When someone owns the business it becomes very important to get an expert advice to make an informed decision for the kind of business entity to establish. We will help you with this matter as we have the team of lawyers who help you determine the income tax return form that you need to file. We deal in most common forms of businesses like partnership, corporation, and proprietorship. At corporate law Perth, we give appropriate advice to our clients on various aspects such as current as well as potential law firm business structure.

We help our clients in dealing with the issues like GST, capital gains tax, loan arrangements, family arrangements, financial needs, prepare your future plans for retirement and much more. We assist you by reviewing all the matters along with your accountant and your financial planner.

For your business structures, contact us at Corporate Lawyers Perth. We will discuss your business issues in detail to suggest you the best pathway.

Types of Business structures under us
Sole trader

We allow you to take maximum advantage of the tax concessions which is available for all small as well as large business holders. By having us, you are personally liable for all legal structure of business and clear doubts for the success of the venture.

We will assist you by preparing a written document to govern the relationship between different partners. We also recommend you on other various issues of the partnerships.

A failure can cause the company’s directors and employees a big loss so we provide advice to all stakeholders of their legal obligations.

We have the ability to draft all types of trust, de-mystify as well as their benefits and shortcomings for you.

If you want to fulfill your current needs, then contact Corporate Lawyers Perth.

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