Our Bankruptcy Process

Our bankruptcy process gives you an effective solution when you are unable to pay your debts either they are due or payable. Our one of the administration will appoint to you to investigate the financial affairs. We perform proper Bankruptcy Act in which the individuals, partnerships, and joint debtors are declared bankrupt. Corporate lawyer in Perth have the ability to handle all serious consequences of Bankruptcy.

Advantages of Bankruptcy Process

  • One need not to deal with pressures from creditors on any matter.
  • Our bankruptcy lawyer Perth process allows you to keep you all essential goods as well as necessary household requirements with you.
  • Bankruptcy can have long term consequences but there are restrictions on what a bankrupt person can and cannot do.
  • Proper legal and financial advice will help you understand how bankruptcy will affect you and also give you more appropriate alternatives.

To get all these advantages, you can connect with Corporate Lawyers Perth. They will assist you in the manner to get the best possible solution.

Our Process

  • A trustee will be appointed to administer the existing assets with accurate bankruptcy legal advice. A trustee’s role is to pay out all creditors as per the ability.
  • The trustee will further execute all the lists that consist your creditors, assets as well as income.
  • The trustee usually has the power to sell assets apart from any houses you own. He will deal with you individually to recover the debts.
  • Further, money will be raised from some sale assets that will further spread across creditors to pay off all the debts.
  • Generally, this bankruptcy will continue for about 3 years. The time period will be increased if it is suggested by the court.

Contact Corporate Lawyers Perth for more information and advice. Our systematic approach will help get the best possible outcome.

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