Purpose of Confidentiality Agreements

It is a kind of contract that is signed between different parties to not disclose information about each other. These agreements are also known as non-disclosure agreements in which the employees have to sign such a promising agreement about their workplace.

Reasons why companies use confidentiality agreements:

  • In order to protect sensitive, technical, or commercial information from disclosing.
  • In order to prevent the loss of valuable rights.
  • In order to define what information can and cannot be disclosed.
  • In order to prevent financial information from displaying to the public.
  • In order to prevent employees to give out private company information.

What kind of information is protected under a confidentiality agreement?
The purpose of enforcing confidentiality agreements is to protect information to be not shared with the general public which is often used in an employment law setting. For instance, an employer may require following information secured:

  • Machinery used
  • Technological Developments
  • Secret Processes
  • Future plans
  • Materials or Ingredients used
  • Prices

The confidentiality agreements are better handled by the Corporate Lawyers in Perth. They are always available to assist you efficiently.

Some of the Legal Expectations of Confidentiality Agreement:

  • All the confidentiality agreements are a strong way to keep trade secrets protected as confidential information.
  • These confidentiality agreements are only signed between the parties those are under the agreement.
  • If the information was independently developed or discovered by a party, then the agreement would not be violated.

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