Know more About Statutory Demand

A Statutory Demand is an event that is issued under a corporate debtor in settling an account or statutory demand. If you are owning a business or holding a position of company director or manager, then you must know the power of a Statutory Demand. Alternatively, if your company receives a Statutory Demand, you have to act urgently and seek immediate legal advice from an expert lawyer. For this, you can have our lawyer service as we will give immediate advice on your legal matters.

How We Serve The Statutory Demand?

We serve the Statutory Demand by leaving it at the registered office of the debtor company or by sending it by post to that office or delivering a copy of the Statutory Demand personally to the company’s director. By this, a creditor becomes aware of the company with no registered address. During this process, accountants are very careful in handling the matters.

To have a clear and systematic approach, you can go with Corporate Lawyers Perth. They have the ability to handle the case properly.

Risks Handle By Us:

  • The big problem with the statutory demands law and practice is with the demand also may get expired, unless if there is a valid application filed. There is also not a chance of contesting the demand and the debtor has to forcefully pay the debts as well as legal fees. Our lawyers have the ability to handle this problem with an accurate solution.
  • When there is no judgment obtained, a debtor has to show aside demand. There is some kind of genuine dispute which a debtor has to acknowledge in every possible time. For, this, one can take help from the corporate lawyer Perth services.
  • If there is no any kind of dispute then the one thing that a debtor has to do take an urgent negotiation of the dispute along with the payment of creditor’s legal costs.

To easily handle all these risks, Corporate Lawyers Perth is the leading attorneys who are always ready to help you.

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