What is Company Constitution?

It is the kind of constitution that specify the rules which are governing the relationship between the companies. A company constitution is a special form of contract that binds the company, shareholders as well as the directors. This constitution agreement does not create any kind of enforceable rights and obligations related to the shareholders and their personal capacity.

What are the Replaceable rules and where to search them?
Like a company constitution, replaceable rules also govern the activities and operations of the companies. These company constitutions and replaceable rules govern the internal management of a company as well as matters related to:

  • Director’s Appointment
  • Director’s powers
  • Regulating director’s as well as member’s meeting
  • Shares Transformation

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How we apply these replaceable rules?
If your company is registered under the Company Law Review Act, then these replaceable rules will be applied. These rules enable shareholders to protect the interests against decisions which have impacted the financial consequences. Our company constitution protects the broad range of companies and these rules are not applicable to special companies. We apply them in the following scenarios:

  • Replaceable rules do not apply to a proprietary company if the same person comes under the sole director position as well as be considered as a sole shareholder.
  • Replaceable rules are outlined under the Corporations. The content in each of those sections applies as the replaceable rule.
  • If a company wants to change or remove a replaceable rule, they will need to have a constitution that outlines the changes.

What type of companies needs a constitution?
The below mentioned companies governed by the constitution:

  • ‘No Liability’ public types of companies.
  • ‘Special purpose companies’ .
  • All proprietary companies must have a constitution.
  • Replaceable rules are in the Corporations Act and are a basic set of rules for managing your company.

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