Know more About Receivership

Our Receivership attorneys represent receivers and claimants in all types of receivership proceedings, including equity and lender foreclosures; regulatory and criminal matters; and receivers appointed by the court. Our Receivership team has a broad experience and reputation in dealing high-quality legal counsels. With the collective experience, our receivership lawyers understand the powers and duties of a receiver which are directed by state and federal courts.

What do we offer?

We provide you with legal knowledge and practical management experience in a variety of scenarios that include:

  • Handle bank receiverships at the most optimal price.
  • Deal with securities fraud and bankruptcy matters
  • Identify and recover the funds/assets for victims in the most effective manner.
  • Control disputes between owners and among stakeholders with proven results.

Why Clients Choose Us?

Comprehensive Services
We have a depth of experience to handle company receiverships of any size or complexity. Our professionals can practice on various aspects of real estate, tax, or intellectual property law receivership in matters.

Systematic Approach
Our lawyers understand the strategic use of business receiverships from both the private party’s perspective and the enforcement agency’s perspective.

Proven Results
We have the practical experience and legal knowledge of receivership law necessary to achieve results despite the challenging circumstances.

Our receivership experience extends to and beyond the following representative matters.

These all benefits are offered by the Corporate Lawyers Perth. They know how to handle the specific matter.

Our Challenges

Specific or Special Receivers
Our special receiver is appointed over certain assets of the defendant, and are usually sought by secured creditors protect their collateral sales.

General Receivers
Our attorneys regularly represent partners, shareholders, and members who are in the need of appointment of general receivers

Regulatory Receivers
We have experience in representing regulatory receivers and defend against actions of regulatory receivers on multiple issues.

Whatever you have requirements with your, Corporate Lawyers Perth are always ready to assist you.

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