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The litigation team at corporate lawyer Perth has been providing assistance in litigation both civil and criminal, recovery suits, matrimonial suits, corporate, criminal, consumer rights, motor accident claims and in many more areas. We have premier full which offers services like advising and representing clients before various Supreme Court as well as High Courts. Corporate Litigation includes any legal procedure having anything to do with a business or organization and can involve steps taken to avoid litigation as well as litigating and managing business disputes.

Our Litigation Services

Matrimonial Matters
Our civil litigation lawyer Perth services have the ability to handle matrimonial disputes such as Divorce proceedings, both Mutual as well as contested, Judicial Separation and Dowry cases. We also represent clients in Maintenance and child custody petitions.

Property Matters
We can handle partition suits, suits for declaration and permanent injunction, cancellation of sale deeds, etc. We can represent clients in matters related to land acquisition matters before courts.

Labor & Service Matters
We give proper representation before Court on the cases that are related to labor and service related matters. We work in the drafting of a statement of claims, rejoinders, interim applications, and other legal documentation.

Civil Matters
Our litigation lawyers Perth services represent before the appellate tribunal under the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India for all civil matters.

To achieve these services in the most effective way, hire Corporate Lawyers Perth. They give your systematic approach related to your matter.

What can we do?

  • We securing agreement on wage, work hours and anti-discrimination laws.
  • We protecting firms against illegal termination suits.
  • We ensuring compliance with fresh accounting and corporate governance laws.
  • We are also helpful in maintaining corporate tax agreement.
  • Our litigation lawyer Perth services can resolve labor disagreements with workforces as well as with employees and professionals.
  • We can handle corporate land issues, premises liability to disputes with landlords or regulator.
  • We resolve conflicts that arise due to poor health, over time or discrimination issues can bring firms legal battles.

In order to resolve your litigation matter, choose Corporate Lawyers in Perth WA. They give perfect outcome at the most reasonable rates.

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