Know more About Oppressive Conduct

Oppressive conduct is the act under which different operations of the company are conducted. Most of the majority shareholders use their own influence for their own benefit. The conduct not only effects the illegal cases but also greatly affect the diminishing of the shareholdings value and other a company damages.

Who can apply for the oppressive remedy or conduct?
The applicants who can apply for the oppressive conduct are:

  • A member can apply if his application is related to the act or omission that is the other member.
  • A formal member can apply if there is a kind of a person who has been eliminated from the member’s register.
  • One can also apply if the applicant was not a member of a relevant conduct.

When will the Oppressive Conduct be approved?
According to the law, there will be not unfair judgment if the applicant has following proven statements:

  • If the directors of a company are empowered to prejudice one of its members.
  • If the directors exercise that power and act in good faith and work for the proper purpose.
  • When the oppression is to be continuing at the time of conducting an application.

When oppressive conduct said to be failed?

  • When there is an improper diversion of business.
  • When there is improper exclusion from the management.
  • When there is any kind of unfair restricting dividends.
  • If there is any kind of wrongs in the corporate sector.

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