Is It Possible To Cancel A Business Deed Of Release In Perth

February 1, 2024    Corporate Lawyers Perth WA
Is It Possible To Cancel A Business Deed Of Release In Perth

People in the labour force may find themselves without a job one day and a permanent employee the next. That’s how unpredictable the corporate world is.

Not even the most productive team members are secure. As the previous year has shown, a firm might suddenly fail due to events beyond one person’s control. If you recently lost your work, you might have received notification of the proceedings taken against you along with a paper.

You signed a piece of paper throughout the hiring process without really understanding what it included. The document you just signed may be a legally enforceable “deed of release,” outlining the terms of the agreement between your employer and yourself following termination.

In this article, understand deed of release and how to cancel it.

An Overview of Deed of Release

A formal legal instrument known as a Deed of Release serves to formalise the transfer of rights or claims between parties. It is frequently used in many legal contexts and settings. Deeds of Release are crucial instruments used in many legal contexts, whether they are for settling disputes, ending contracts, or solving legal difficulties.

So, How Do You Cancel A Business Deed Of Release In Perth?

Although signing the document is considered a kind and constructive way to end a job, there are instances where employees are coerced into signing it. You can follow some guidelines to effectively dismiss a deed of release in court if that is how you feel about signing the paperwork.


You have the right to revoke the release document if you were forced to sign it. Duress is another term for this—being put under undue pressure to choose. This is against the law and against the employer. Acts of coercion can range from direct physical threats made against you or a known individual.

Economic pressure is a more modern form of coercion. It could involve telling you you don’t deserve more money or offering more severance pay.

Whatever the method of coercion, the deed of release lawyers in Perth can use it to revoke the release deed. Duress is a legal defence for document cancellation if you can demonstrate to the court that you were threatened in this way or that someone you know was intimidated to coerce you into signing the document.

Unbearable Pressure

This principle, often called undue influence, says that any coercion on your part to sign the document may be used to have the deed of release dismissed in court.

This idea will still hold even if you voluntarily joined the agreement if you were duped into believing the terms stated were reasonable and fair. This is typically the result of an unbalanced relationship between you and your employer that gave rise to an unfair contract.

The discrepancy in a relationship needs to be demonstrated if you wish to utilise undue influence for the cancellation of deed of release in court. This is so because the court believes an unjust and unfair agreement would result from an unbalanced relationship.

Abused Negotiations

It is possible to misuse negotiations in some situations. It can take on numerous forms contingent on the circumstances. For instance, a negotiation was conducted in a language you are uncomfortable with or do not understand.

Stated differently, you may be able to use this as justification to have the deed of release set aside because you were not fully aware of the legal complexities you would face with the instrument. In any case, if duress cannot be proven, abusive negotiations—also referred to as excessive bargaining—can serve as a foundational concept.

Note: A deed of release can happen between two businesses, too. In that case, follow the same steps and get expert legal help to cancel the deed of release between two corporate parties.


Your employer will be forced to set aside the document if you can prove any of the principles above in court. In this manner, you may be able to collect just compensation for the employment termination even if you fail to obtain the job back.

Working with an experienced attorney is usually advised because this procedure can be challenging. They are skilled in handling these court proceedings and can assist you in obtaining the proof you need to make your case and obtain the money you are entitled to.

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